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Explosion Fitness Solutions is a premier youth athletic performance training company, specifically for young female volleyball players, ages 10 to 18. As the official training partner of Cincinnati Volleyball Academy (CVA) Girls Volleyball club, we provide customized strength and conditioning programs critical to their success and development.

Girls Volleyball Strength and Conditioning

Strength training and conditioning are essential for volleyball players, and at Explosion Fitness, we specialize in training young female athletes. Our programs are designed to improve power, increase vertical jump, enhance blocking ability, and build defensive skills. We offer age-appropriate and progressively challenging programs to ensure each athlete trains safely and effectively for their level.

Our training focuses on exercises that target the specific muscle groups important for volleyball performance. Leg exercises like squats and lunges increase power and quickness, while core workouts such as planks and medicine ball throws improve balance, stability and hitting power. Upper body exercises such as overhead presses and pull-ups strengthen the arms and shoulders and help prevent common volleyball injuries.

The Explosion Fitness and CVA Girls Volleyball Partnership

As the exclusive strength and conditioning partner of CVA Girls Volleyball club, Explosion Fitness plays an integral role in the development and success of CVA athletes. Our programs prepare players for the demands of competitive volleyball by developing them physically, mentally and teamwork-wise.

With our customized programs and highly-qualified coaches, we provide athletes the foundation they need to excel on the court. We also instill values such as dedication, discipline and hard work that translate beyond volleyball.

Explosion Fitness Solutions is committed to empowering CVA Girls Volleyball athletes. By designing our programs around the unique needs of youth volleyball players, we build the skills and qualities for success now and in the future.

For young female volleyball players seeking to take their game to the next level through customized strength and conditioning programs, Explosion Fitness Solutions and our partnership with CVA Girls Volleyball club gets results.

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