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Join the Cincinnati Volleyball Academy’s Club Prep All Skills Training Program and take your game to the next level! Our meticulously designed program focuses on honing your speed, agility, and plyometrics while refining your serving, passing, setting, and more.

Why Choose CVA’s All Skills Training Program?

• Tailored Training: Each session is crafted to enhance specific volleyball skills, complemented by intense game play to test your progress.

• Expert Coaches: Learn from the best! Our experienced coaches are committed to improving your game strategy and athletic performance.

• All-Around Development: We provide a well-rounded approach to help you excel in every aspect of the game, from powerful attacks to impenetrable defense.

Program Highlights

• Comprehensive Skill Training: Focus on serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, and defense.

• Speed, Agility & Plyometrics: Enhance overall athleticism with drills designed to improve quickness, explosive power, and efficient movement on the court.

• Dynamic Game Play: Apply your skills in a game-like environment to test and improve your performance.

Weekly Focus Areas:

• Serving: Proper overhand serving technique.

• Passing: Refining forearm pass technique.

• Setting: Correct hand placement and body positioning.

• Hitting/Attacking: Three-step approach and hitting mechanics.

• Defense: Key digging and blocking techniques.

• Gameplay: Comprehensive skill application through gameplay.

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Cincinnati Volleyball Academy:

All Skills Training Program Schedule

Speed, Agility & Plyometrics

Focus: Enhancing overall athleticism with drills designed to improve quickness, explosive power, and efficient movement on the court.

Serving/Passing/Setting/Hot Point Game Play

Focus: Perfecting the fundamentals of serving, passing, and setting. The session concludes with Hot Point Game Play to apply these skills in a dynamic, game-like environment.

Speed, Agility & Plyometrics

Focus: A progressive plyometric session aimed at increasing the height and power of jumps, essential for effective blocking and attacking.

Attacking/Blocking/Defense/Hot Point Game Play

Focus: Intensifying attacking strategies, mastering blocking techniques, and reinforcing defensive skills, with integration into Hot Point Game scenarios.

Speed, Agility & Plyometrics

Focus: Advanced agility training tailored to simulate in-game movement patterns for improved on-court performance.

Serving/Passing/Setting/Hot Point Game Play

Focus: A repeat of Tuesday’s session to reinforce serving, passing, and setting skills, with an emphasis on consistency and precision during Hot Point Game Play.

Speed, Agility & Plyometrics

Focus: A final session before the break to maximize players’ athletic abilities, setting them up for success in all aspects of their game.

All Skills Training/Hot Point Game Play

Focus: An all-encompassing session where players will rotate through stations, each dedicated to a specific skill set, followed by Hot Point Game Play that incorporates all the skills learned.

This structured program is designed to build on each session, ensuring athletes develop a strong foundation while also fine-tuning their technical abilities. It offers a comprehensive approach to volleyball training, preparing athletes for competitive play.

8-Week Volleyball All Skills/Club Prep Program

Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be working strategically on All Skills at All Levels.

Here’s an overview of the key skills we’ll focus on:

Week 1: Serving

Skill Focus: Proper overhand serving technique – stance, toss, contact, follow-through

Advanced Level Skills: Consistent, accurate float jump serves to targeted court zones

Week 2: Passing

Skill Focus: Refining forearm pass technique, reading servers

Advanced Skills: Precise forearm passing to a target, court awareness. Midline/Angle

Week 3: Setting

Skill Focus: Correct hand placement, footwork and body positioning for setting

Advanced Skills: Accurate setting to hitters and targets

Week 4: Hitting/Attacking

Skill Focus: Three-step approach, arm swing and wrist snap mechanics

Advanced Skills: Level based hitting techniques with control and creating more topspin

Week 5: Defense

Skill Focus: Key digging and blocking techniques

Advanced Skills: Consistent digging, court awareness, reading hitters and blocking fundamentals

Weeks 6-8: Working All Skills // Gameplay // Club Prep

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