Explosion Fitness Solutions is the leading provider of customized athletic performance training for young female volleyball players. As the official training partner of Cincinnati Volleyball Academy (CVA) Girls Volleyball club, we offer tailored plyometric programs to prepare athletes, ages 10 to 18, for excellence.

Plyometric Training for Youth Volleyball

Plyometric, or jump training, is essential for volleyball to improve vertical leap, explosiveness and power. Our programs are designed around the physical demands of volleyball using sport-specific movements.

Plyometric exercises include box jumps, jump squats and plyometric push-ups to increase power and explosiveness for forceful spikes, higher blocks and quicker reaction times – vital skills for competitive volleyball.

For youth athletes, plyometric training must be progressive and properly supervised. Our programs are not only effective but also safe for growing bodies, preventing injury and promoting long-term health.

The Explosion Fitness and CVA Volleyball Partnership

As the exclusive training partner of CVA Girls Volleyball club, Explosion Fitness plays an integral role in developing and empowering these young athletes. Our customized plyometric programs provide the physical attributes for success.

Under our guidance, athletes improve their ability while learning values such as hard work, perseverance and teamwork. These skills transcend volleyball and shape their development as athletes.

Explosion Fitness Solutions is setting the standard in customized plyometric training for youth volleyball. Our commitment to CVA Girls Volleyball demonstrates our dedication to empowering young female athletes through performance.

For volleyball players looking to elevate their game through tailored training programs, Explosion Fitness Solutions and our partnership with CVA Girls Volleyball club delivers results. We build the skills and mindset for athletes to achieve their full potential.

Explosion Fitness Solutions: Empowering Future Stars

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