4-Week All-Skills for Youth Athletes

Hello Volleyball Parents!

Your child’s volleyball journey begins here with the unique 4-week program by cvDa. As part of the respected Cincinnati Volleyball Academy (CVA) family, we offer an unparalleled chance for young players aged 12 and below, to learn volleyball skills and ignite their passion.

Spring 2024 – Join One or Both

At CVA, volleyball is more than a game. It’s a path to discover one’s strengths, passions, and true potential. We’re not just building players; we’re shaping champions for life. And through cvDa, this legacy continues.

Why Choose the cvDa Program?

Elite Guidance:

Train with the best coaches and engage with Ohio's volleyball prodigies.

Growth & Community:

Beyond techniques, it's about character, camaraderie, and becoming a valued member of the CVA tribe.

Beyond the Court:

With us, it's about the holistic development that goes beyond serves and spikes.

Spring 2024 – Join One or Both

The S.T.A.R.S. Program

Welcome to the S.T.A.R.S. program, where we build more than just skills; we build characters, foster friendships, and create a lasting love for the game of volleyball. In this 4-week dynamic program by cvDa, part of the distinguished Cincinnati Volleyball Academy (CVA) family, young enthusiasts ages 12 and under, will have an incredible opportunity to dive deep into the world of volleyball, igniting their passion and learning game skills under elite guidance and in an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual growth.

CVDA Mission

Our mission is to revitalize youth volleyball by establishing clear, tangible pathways designed to alleviate stress, cultivate talent, and sustain enthusiasm. We aim to empower both parents and athletes through transparent, well-considered planning. By doing so, we are not just playing the game; we are revolutionizing it for the better.

Week 1: S for "Super Servers"

Objective: To inculcate proper overhand serving techniques, emphasizing stance, grip, toss, contact point, and follow-through, ensuring accuracy and consistency in serves.

At the Gym:

  • Skills Development: Utilizing lightweight balls to isolate and focus on form.
  • Bullseye Serving Drill:
    • Setup: Place targets in different zones of the opponent’s court.
    • Execution: Start close to the net and progressively move back, aiming to hit the targets.
    • Objective: Develop accuracy and power in serving.
  • Rainbow Serving Drill:
    • Setup: Use the high toss technique.
    • Execution: Serve deep using a high arc, mimicking a rainbow trajectory.
    • Objective: Develop depth control and master different serving techniques.

Fun Game: Super Serve Knockout Players take turns serving; a missed serve results in a knockout. The last person standing is the winner.

Star Homework: Daily serve 15 balls focusing on consistent toss and clean contact, and watch and analyze techniques from a college volleyball match.

Learn Serving Accuracy

Week 2: T for "Teamwork Passers"

Objective: Enhance forearm passing technique, improve court awareness, and foster effective team communication.

At the Gym:

  • Skills Development: Focus on forearm passing form.
  • Dig Domination Drill:
    • Setup: Stand against a wall.
    • Execution: Alternately forearm pass against the wall.
    • Objective: Improve forearm passing accuracy.
  • Pass-Set-Hit Drill:
    • Setup: Arrange players in a triangular formation.
    • Execution: Execute a pass-set-hit sequence among the three players.
    • Objective: Develop cohesion and smooth transition between different play sequences.

Fun Game: Hot Potato In this musical game, players pass a ball rapidly, and once the music stops, they scramble to gain possession of it.

Star Homework: Daily 10-minute passing drills focusing on form and communication and a study on the significance of teamwork in volleyball.

Develop Teamwork and Coordination

Week 3: A for "Amazing Setters"

Objective: Acquire proper setting hand positions, improve footwork, and gain precision in setting to attackers and targets.

At the Gym:

  • Skills Development: Focus on hand positioning and footwork.
  • Step-Shuffle Drill:
    • Setup: Arrange a grid on the court.
    • Execution: Players step and shuffle to each square, setting the ball at each stop.
    • Objective: Improve mobility and setting accuracy.
  • Toss-Set-Swing Drill:
    • Setup: Pairs of players.
    • Execution: One player tosses, sets to their partner, and the partner swings at the ball.
    • Objective: Develop rhythm and coordination in setting and attacking.

Fun Game: Setter Wars Setters compete to set the ball accurately to specific targets on the court.

Star Homework: Daily 10-minute setting drills against a wall and study the techniques of top setters.

Improve Precision and Control

Week 4: R for "Rockstar Hitters"

Objective: Perfect the swing mechanics, master the 3-step approach, and learn to execute controlled spikes.

At the Gym:

  • Skills Development: Focus on swing mechanics and footwork.
  • 3-Step Approach Drill:
    • Setup: Mark start and end points.
    • Execution: Practice the left-right-left approach to the ball.
    • Objective: Develop a rhythmic and effective approach to hitting.
  • Pyramid Hitting Drill:
    • Setup: Players in pairs.
    • Execution: Execute 10 self-hits, followed by 9, decreasing to 1.
    • Objective: Improve self-control and hitting accuracy.

Fun Game: Hot Shot Players earn points by hitting through specific zones in the opponent’s court.

Star Homework: Daily 10-minutes of soft-hitting at home focusing on mechanics and creation of a hype video with favorite pump-up songs.

Enhance Ball Striking and Approach


The S.T.A.R.S. program is more than just a developmental academy; it is a journey of growth, learning, camaraderie, and a celebration of volleyball. The participants will not only become proficient in volleyball skills but also imbibe values like teamwork, perseverance, and community spirit, essential for both on and off the court successes. We welcome you to this exciting journey and look forward to seeing you shine as the future stars of volleyball!

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Values at Our Core

Our promise is reflected in our values:

Strength: Overcome challenges with determination.

Empower: Light the flame of self-belief and drive.

Resilience: Grow stronger with every setback.

Visionary: Always aiming for the next peak.

Excel: Because good is never enough when better is possible.

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