8-Week Volleyball All Skills/Club Prep Program

Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be working strategically on All Skills at All Levels.

Here’s an overview of the key skills we’ll focus on:

Week 1: Serving

Skill Focus: Proper overhand serving technique – stance, toss, contact, follow-through

Advanced Level Skills: Consistent, accurate float jump serves to targeted court zones

Week 2: Passing

Skill Focus: Refining forearm pass technique, reading servers

Advanced Skills: Precise forearm passing to a target, court awareness. Midline/Angle

Week 3: Setting

Skill Focus: Correct hand placement, footwork and body positioning for setting

Advanced Skills: Accurate setting to hitters and targets

Week 4: Hitting/Attacking

Skill Focus: Three-step approach, arm swing and wrist snap mechanics

Advanced Skills: Level based hitting techniques with control and creating more topspin

Week 5: Defense

Skill Focus: Key digging and blocking techniques

Advanced Skills: Consistent digging, court awareness, reading hitters and blocking fundamentals

Weeks 6-8: Working All Skills // Gameplay // Club Prep

Cincinnati Volleyball Developmental Academy (cvDa)

8-Week Program for Young Athletes

Hello Volleyball Parents!

Empower your child’s volleyball journey with the unique 6-week program by cvDa. As part of the respected Cincinnati Volleyball Academy (CVA) family, we offer an unparalleled chance for young players aged 6 to 12 to hone their skills and ignite their passion.

The CVA Legacy

At CVA, volleyball is more than a game. It’s a path to discover one’s strengths, passions, and true potential. We’re not just building players; we’re shaping champions for life. And through cvDa, this legacy continues.

Why Choose the cvDa Program?

Elite Guidance: Train with the best coaches and engage with Ohio’s volleyball prodigies.

Growth & Community: Beyond techniques, it’s about character, camaraderie, and becoming a valued member of the CVA tribe.

Beyond the Court: With us, it’s about the holistic development that goes beyond serves and spikes.

Why Choose the cvDa Program?

Our promise is reflected in our values:

Strength: Overcome challenges with determination.

Empower: Light the flame of self-belief and drive.

Resilience: Grow stronger with every setback.

Visionary: Always aiming for the next peak.

Excel: Because good is never enough when better is possible.

Secure Your Spot Today!

Spaces in our 8-week program are filling up fast. This is more than a course; it’s an investment in your child’s future in volleyball.

Join the Legacy

Be part of the Cincinnati Volleyball Developmental Academy. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Need More Info? Reach out at HERE!

Ignite Your Game: Volleyball Clinics, Camps and Open Gyms

Cincinnati Volleyball Academy (CVA) builds champions from within by igniting passion and purpose. We transform lives by cultivating grit, nurturing self-belief and redefining excellence as realizing one’s purpose to impact the world.

At CVA, victory comes from facing any challenge without limits. We build unbreakable spirit and inspire athletes to achieve the impossible. True success is empowering yourself and others to be their best. Together, we forge unstoppable resolve and reimagine victory through contribution that makes a difference.

Cincinnati Volleyball Developmental Academy

Spring 2024

12 & Under

Monday Sessions

Date: April 29th – May 20th

4 Sessions

Cost: $140

Spring 2024

12 & Under

Wednesday Sessions

Date: May 1st – May 23rd

4 Sessions

Cost: $140

Spring 2024

13 & Up

Monday Sessions

Date: April 29th – May 20th

4 Sessions

Cost: $140

Spring 2024

13 & Up

Wednesday Sessions

Date: May 1st – May 23rd

4 Sessions

Cost: $140

Fall 2023 Registration

Every Monday

Time: 5:30-7:00PM

Date: September 25th – November 13th, 2023

Ages: 6-12 Years Old

Cost: 8 Weeks – $190

CVA All Skills 2024 Summer Camps

CVA’s All Skills Summer Camp teaches fundamentals and game play to athletes ages 9-18. Campers will learn techniques, skills and strategy from experienced coaches and unleash their potential through progress and teamwork.

Designed to teach fundamentals and enhance game play.

Athletes grouped by skill and age with coaching for all levels.

3 hour camp focusing on all skills needed for volleyball excellence.

Ages 3rd-8th

Cost: $180

Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM

Come experience the thrill of achievement and reimagine excellence through contribution that makes a difference.

Unleash your strength within. Join CVA!

CVA: Strength, Empower, Resilient, Visionary, Excel

Our mission is to unleash the champion within through passion, teamwork and excellence. We pursue lifelong empowerment through cultivating grit, progress and nurturing self-belief. Experience the CVA difference – register for summer camp today!

CVA All Skills Summer Camp: Fundamentals, techniques, strategy and teamwork. Take your game to the next level through progress and purpose.

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