CVA Advanced Volleyball Clinics with Baylee Johnson

Take your game to the next level through progress and purpose. CVA has partnered with Ohio volleyball legend Baylee Johnson for advanced skills and strategy clinics.

Develop power, precision, strategy and adaptability.

Excel in all aspects from serving and passing to setting, attacking and blocking.

Absorb values of tenacity, teamwork and competitive spark to unleash your inner champion.

Prepare for tryouts and the season ahead through high-repetition clinics tailored for excellence.

Experience game-changing clinics and unleash your potential. A new era of empowerment through partnership with a volleyball visionary.

CVA: Unleash Your Strength Within

Our mission is to unleash the champion within through passion, teamwork and excellence. We pursue lifelong empowerment through cultivating grit, progress and nurturing self-belief. The CVA and Baylee Johnson partnership takes empowerment and performance to new heights.

Register now for advanced skills and strategy clinics with Baylee Johnson. Take the leap to redefine your limits and shape your competitive edge. A transformative opportunity to flourish through progress and purpose.

CVA Baylee Johnson Advanced Volleyball Clinics: Power, precision, strategy and adaptability. Prepare for excellence through partnership with an Ohio volleyball icon. Ages 9-18. Experience the difference passion and vision can make – register today!

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