Cincinnati Volleyball Academy
and Explosion Athletics

Unleash Your Champion Potential

Cincinnati Volleyball Academy (CVA) is thrilled to partner with Explosion Athletics, located within the 53,000 sq ft Courts4Sports complex in Mason, Ohio. This premier facility is dedicated to advancing the athletic performance of young athletes, from beginners to the most advanced and serious volleyball players.


At Explosion Athletics, we believe in turning dreams into reality. Our comprehensive programs are designed to sharpen your skills, outsmart the competition, and elevate your game. We focus on three core areas to ensure our athletes excel:

SPEED Team: Unleash Explosive Velocity

  • Transform into masters of momentum, agile and swift on the court. Our training goes beyond mere sprinting drills, focusing on high-velocity training and cognitive development to enhance quickness and precision.
  • Join the SPEED Team and capture the spirit of relentless motion with cutting-edge methods, innovative gear, and tactical knowledge.

POWER Team: Build Mighty Strength

  • Evolve into pillars of strength, unwavering and formidable. Our program integrates rigorous physical training and mental fortitude to ensure every action on the court is impactful.
  • Join the POWER Team to amplify your physical capabilities and cultivate the mental edge that distinguishes powerful athletes.

JUMP Team: Soar with Unmatched Elevation

  • Command the airspace with authority and grace. Our training instills vigor in each leap, focusing on kinetic development and mental resilience.
  • Join the JUMP to enhance your vertical jump and refine the competitive spirit that sets apart high-flyers.

Our Colors of Champions: Red, White, and Blue

  • RED: Represents deep passion and unstoppable drive.
  • WHITE: Symbolizes the true strength within every athlete.
  • BLUE: Signifies the endless sky, representing boundless potential.
These colors embody our philosophy and commitment to your growth and greatness. At Explosion Athletics, training is more than just practice; it’s a journey that transforms you, making you better, stronger, and faster.

Supporting USAV Junior Youth Volleyball

Explosion Athletics supports the development of youth athletes at all levels, aligning with the standards and goals of USA Volleyball (USAV). Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an advanced player aiming for elite competition, our programs are designed to meet your needs.

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