College Recruiting at CVA

College Recruiting

Cincinnati Volleyball Academy (CVA) builds champions from within by igniting passion and purpose. We transform lives by cultivating grit, nurturing self-belief and redefining excellence as realizing one’s purpose to impact the world.

At CVA, victory comes from facing any challenge without limits. We build unbreakable spirit and inspire athletes to achieve the impossible. True success is empowering yourself and others to be their best. Together, we forge unstoppable resolve and reimagine victory through contribution that makes a difference.

The College Recruitment Process: CVA Guidance for Success

College volleyball recruitment provides opportunity to play at the next level while earning a degree. The process allows coaches to evaluate and identify student-athletes who can contribute to team success while balancing academics. Recruitment also offers scholarships to help with college costs.

Coaches attend high school matches, club events and showcases to assess skills, team dynamics and attributes. There are different college divisions – DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and JCs – each with specific rules from the NCAA or NAIA.

Eligibility and Scholarships

To qualify for recruitment, student-athletes must meet eligibility standards like GPA, test scores, and credits. Scholarships vary by division, with DI offering up to 12 full rides, DII up to 8, and NAIA up to 8. DIII and JCs offer aid and academic scholarships.

Recruitment Timeline

The process typically starts sophomore year, with contact as early as freshman year. Formal offers usually come junior year when athletes build a list of prospective schools and communicate with coaches. Senior year often includes official visits and the National Letter of Intent period where athletes commit.

Creating a Recruitment Plan

A recruitment plan increases the chance of recruitment. It can include a sports resume, skills video, attending camps/showcases and proactively contacting coaches with a letter of interest and following up. Using online platforms helps showcase ability and connect with coaches.


College volleyball recruitment offers the chance to play at the next level and earn a degree. Preparation, proactivity and persistence are key to navigating the process successfully.

At CVA, our guidance provides the tools and support for athletes to unleash their potential through the college recruitment process. We prepare athletes for excellence by building connections with college coaches across divisions and levels. Experience the power of partnership – allow CVA’s expertise and network to open new opportunities. The path to playing at the next level starts here.

CVA: Unleash Your Strength Within. Our mission is to unleash the champion within through passion, teamwork and excellence. We pursue lifelong empowerment through cultivating grit, progress and nurturing self-belief. CVA’s guidance through the college recruitment process embodies our mission by providing personal support for athletes to reimagine limits and achieve their vision.

Forge your path to excellence. Let CVA connect you with opportunity. Play at the next level and earn a degree while continuing to build champion mindset. The future starts here – allow us to unleash your potential through college recruitment. Passion, partnerships and purpose. Experience the difference – start your journey today!

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